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Media Africa: Training FAQS

How does the diploma programme work?
The courses currently on offer at Media Africa are available as individual certificate courses. Media Africa is currently pursuing accrediation for its diploma programmes from the British Technical Examinations Council (BTEC). Once, this is done, Media Africa will be able to issue internationally recognised diplomas, based on individual certificate courses already taken.

Are all the certificate courses taught one at a time or all together?
One at a time. You are free to to take as many as you want this time and as many as you want during the next semester if you would like to earn a diploma. You will be issued with a certificate upon successful completion of the exam.

What do the stated fees cover?
The stated fees cover tuition only. To sit exams add ksh600. Though we will provide basic training materials, students are encouraged to print or copy extra material depending on your level of interest.

When and how are fees payable?
Fees are payable in cash or cheque in advance. Due to the limited number of places available, candidates are encouraged to book their places soon to avoid dissapointment.

What are the educational requirements for the courses?
To enroll for any knowledgeof the courses, candidates must prove or demonstrate a basic knowledge of computers, including but not limited to Windows operating system, use of a Web browser, word processor and spreadsheet.

Please note:
"Multimedia Authoring candidates will require a basic understanding of computer programming.
"Internet Broadcasting candidates will require HTML for Media professionals.
"Digital photography either from Media Africa or elsewhere is a prerequisite for Virtual
"Reality Production.
"Please note that CDMS/F5, CDMS/S1A, CDMS/1V, CDMS/S2, CMA/S1, CVR/S1 require the Media Africa courses CDMS/F1 and CDMS/F2 as a prerequisite although some students can get exemption from CDMS/F1.

Is it possible to take more than one course at a given time?
Yes. One can take as many courses as one desires. None of the classes will be running concurrently.

Do all courses begin on the same date?

When exactly in the month are the commencement dates?
All the classes will be commencing between June 3rd and June 17th.

Is part-time study possible?
All courses are actually part-time taking about six hours a week, however most will be conducted at daytime. We will give special consideration and may offer an evening or weekend class for oversubscribed courses.

Can I pick any course from the list?
Certainly. Please note that CDMS/F5, CDMS/S1A, CDMS/1V, CDMS/S2, CMA/S1, CVR/S1 require the Media Africa courses CDMS/F1 and CDMS/F2 although some students can get exemption from CDMS/F1.

Are scholarships offered?
Unfortunately, we will not be offering scholarships at this time, but special consideration will be given to outstanding deserving students in future.


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